The Noble Three Jewels
Sonntag, 04. Februar 2024, 11:00 Uhr - 12:45 Uhr

The Khyentse foundation says about this practice:

"The practice of The Sadhana of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels (Triratna Anusm?ti S?dhan?) offers us the opportunity to continuously remember who we really are and to celebrate this precious life. This sadhana gives us a base to practice together, to help us rediscover our emotional resilience and purify our perspective.    

At times in our lives, we have all felt burdened by disturbing emotions, In many of those moments we have either looked outside of ourselves for help or have felt hopelessly alone and unsupported. The psychological and emotional upheaval that so many are currently experiencing, brought on by the pandemic,  is not something new.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we will constantly face a range of emotions, many of which we experience as negative —  fear, loss of purpose, loss of confidence, lack of clarity, insecurity, aggression, failure, clinging, and so many more.

By practicing this sadhana, we can create a common space for a disciplined group practice where people from diverse backgrounds connect in the endeavor of calming our internal turmoil."

You can download the sadhana here. Everybody can join us in our Gompa, Görlitzer Straße 39, 01099 Dresden.